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RedTeam Announces PDF Markup and Redline Capabilities in FieldLens

RedTeam’s continuing investment in leading jobsite collaboration platform boosts provider’s evolving suite of construction solutions

RedTeam Software, a leading construction management software platform provider, announces an update of the jobsite collaboration solution FieldLens by RedTeam. The update enhances FieldLens by RedTeam with PDF markup and redlining capabilities.

FieldLens is a dynamic, intuitive jobsite collaboration software for construction companies of all sizes that keeps project teams connected in real time. Built for both mobile and desktop environments, FieldLens keeps issues organized, documented, appropriately escalated and empowers effective collaboration among field, office and trade workers.

“We’re committed to helping contractors and their teams meet the real-world challenges they face every day by providing a platform that supports their efficiency and productivity,” said Jim Atkinson, CEO of RedTeam Software. “This investment in FieldLens by RedTeam is another step in our strategy to offer a full range of solutions that deliver value to construction professionals.”

The FieldLens update follows RedTeam’s recent recapitalization and the acquisition of Paskr, a commercial construction management solution that offers small to mid-size contractors an accessible platform with built-in, repeatable processes to reduce risk, increase oversight, and deliver more predictable project outcomes.

RedTeam’s suite of construction solutions features products ranging from field-management software to enterprise-level workflow and management solutions. RedTeam appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2020 and 2021. More than 1,000 general contractors and over 100,000 users manage a collective $25 billion of commercial construction work with RedTeam.

For more information, visit Redteam.com, or try FieldLens for free today at FieldLens.com.

About RedTeam Software

RedTeam is committed to construction management excellence. Our software is built from hands-on experience to help contractors face the day-to-day challenges of commercial construction. RedTeam clients experience seamless management of projects on and off the field with real-time collaboration, expedited contracting, compliance and change management. RedTeam is construction management software built by contractors who understand construction. For more information, visit Redteam.com.