GRAPEVINE, Texas – Red Seat Software, a U.S. distributor of Structural Engineering Software Solutions from S-FRAME Software, Inc., announced an Academic Software Donation program from S-FRAME Software. The purpose of the program is to provide Universities and Colleges that teach Structural/Civil Engineering classes, such as Steel and Concrete Design, with commercial grade software used in industry today at no charge. In addition, the software could be used towards work conducted at the institution for projects such as internally non-funded research or capstone projects.

“The program simply just makes sense”, said John Parady, sales & marketing director at Red Seat Software. “By including S-FRAME Software commercial software packages, such as S-FRAME Analysis, S-CONCRETE Design, and S-STEEL Design, into Structural and Civil Engineering classes, students can expand upon the knowledge they are building in their collegiate studies, as well as gaining exposure to tools that they will see once they enter industry.”

Dr. Marinos Stylianou, CEO of S-FRAME Software added, “Over the past ten years, we learned that our products’ ease-of-use, high-quality documentation, and engineering reporting capabilities, make them well suited for the university class environment. Courses in Steel or Concrete Design could easily take advantage of the capabilities found in S-STEEL Design or S-CONCRETE Design, respectively. Other areas that could take advantage of our products lie in classes such as Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Foundation Design, and Seismic Design. This new program is a logical expansion of our previous Academic Program.”