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raSmith Leverages Redevelopment Experience and Knowledge to Advance Olympia Fields Mixed-Use Development

raSmith Leverages Redevelopment Experience and Knowledge to Advance Olympia Fields Mixed-Use Development

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — raSmith, a multi-disciplined civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land surveying firm, continues to support and fulfill the vision of developer Wangard Partners, the City of Oconomowoc, and stakeholders on Olympia Fields, a complex 65-acre redevelopment on the former Olympia Resort property and adjacent parcels. The continued success of this undertaking is most evident in how Wangard’s vision is taking shape. Through Wangard’s leadership and partnership with the City of Oconomowoc, a dynamic mix of residential, commercial, and retail users have found a home at Olympia Fields. The combination of these new developments has created a strong synergy on previously underutilized high-profile properties in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Wangard identified and leveraged raSmith’s breadth of services and experience to overcome significant project
challenges. These included initial complex property ownership and assemblage hurdles; site planning;
construction phasing to allow access and utility service to existing businesses and residents during construction;
assessment and determination of required public infrastructure improvements; and an accelerated project
schedule to hit key project opening dates.

As part of the redevelopment work, a number of environmental concerns throughout the development have been
addressed. These include the removal of petroleum storage tanks, asbestos removal during building demolition,
the addition of bioretention basins to improve stormwater runoff quality, planting of native tree species to replace
dying and diseased non-native varieties, rehabilitating a large pond to address bank erosion and enhance water
quality, replacement of deteriorating stormwater drainage systems, and replacement of aging watermain and
sanitary sewer systems that were originally privately built.

Matt Moroney, president and chief operating officer of Wangard Partners shared, “The team at raSmith has been
instrumental in assisting Wangard and the City of Oconomowoc in overcoming the technical site design and
entitlement challenges unique to the overall Olympia Fields redevelopment project. Their expertise and leadership
on complex technical issues, typical of redevelopment projects, allowed project stakeholders to make key and timely decisions. This ultimately resulted in our ability to maintain overall construction schedules, budgets, and the timely delivery of improvements required by the broad mix of tenants in support of their targeted opening dates.”

raSmith is currently providing site planning, site design, landscape architecture, and surveying services support to
Wangard team members as the development continues to be built out.