Nottingham, UK: Electronics leader Ramtech continues to gain momentum with its innovative wireless security solutions. The company has introduced two new products – WES CONNECT and REACT – to help owners and construction professionals save lives, protect assets, and gain valuable insight to site safety performance using real-time data.

It’s difficult to over-emphasize the importance of having a fully integrated communication system in place. There are many sources of heat, flames, and sparks on a construction site. Coupled with multiple sources of fuel like debris and flammable liquids in large quantities, this makes a building site rife with opportunities for a full-scale blaze. Besides fire, there may also be gas leaks, floods, medical problems, weather events, and security issues to contend with on a typical site. When disaster strikes, air horns are the standard method of emergency alert on most construction sites although they have proven insufficient. Mere seconds can be the difference between life and death, or minimal and astronomical property damage. The solution is a system that can detect and instantly notify everyone that needs to know, both onsite and off.

The new WES CONNECT platform is an enhanced primary control unit with an alphanumeric keypad that manages off site communication capabilities for Ramtech’s award-winning WES3 wireless emergency alert and evacuation system. This advanced unit uses 4G connectivity that enables full management and real-time diagnostics.  WES3 itself is comprised of wireless units, typically placed in accordance with the site’s fire prevention plan but can be set up anywhere regardless of the current stage of construction. Together the units form a secure network. They are quick and easy to install, taking just a few minutes to get the system up and actively protecting the site. The system offers an array of features that take the hassle out of 24/7 jobsite monitoring, including a real-time system log that records activations and warnings to monitor activity and history across the entire WES system.

The new REACT app, designed to be Ramtech’s most user-friendly system to date, uses cloud-based data to create a fully integrated emergency response system.REACT has been created to work with Ramtech’s WES3 system to produce a complete solution to safeguard personnel, assets, and property. Equally, REACT can work completely independent as a stand-alone system. It transforms smartphones into the ultimate safety tool thanks to its geolocating and geofencing technology plus advanced lone worker functionality. The REACT system has been developed specifically to provide construction and other heavy industry teams with a simple and secure means of communicating fire, medical, flood, and other site emergencies to affected personnel, both on and off site. In the event of an emergency, this system can increase the speed and efficiency of first responders by providing accurate location information.

WES CONNECT and REACT have been developed in direct response to the complex emergency system needs of the construction marketplace and customer feedback to existing market-leading products. They are built using state-of-the-art IoT technology to enable real-time oversight of jobsite emergencies. Partnering WES CONNECT with the REACT system allows users to monitor site alerts and data from anywhere in the world using the mobile app to receive real-time alerts and notifications direct from site.

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