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Radix Shares Digital Transformation Expertise at TAPPICon 2022

Radix Shares Digital Transformation Expertise at TAPPICon 2022

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Radix’ Presentations Address How Pulp & Paper Companies Can Drive Operational Excellence with Data-Driven Solutions

HOUSTON (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Radix Engineering is pleased to be a Ruby sponsor and presenter at TAPPICon 2022, April 30 – May 4, 2022, Charlotte, NC. Radix will present two papers addressing aspects of the Digitally-Integrated Asset Data Lifecycle that align with this year’s conference theme, Racing Towards a Smart Future, detailed below.

Joining Radix in their booth #400 are partners AWS and Conmark, where we will demonstrate how data can be aggregated into dashboards, utilizing an AWS Technologies attached to a skid with a motor, mounted with a Conmark consistency transmitter. From this assembly, Radix will display a dashboard showing how we integrate collected data, showcasing how tracking, gathering, and using data to measure KPIs can generate real value and optimize operations from the start of an asset lifecycle.


Monday, May 2 – 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. – Barbara Yuri, Radix’ Pulp & Paper Manager will present Advanced Process Control (APC) Program Lifecyle – Guidelines for a Successful Application.

This presentation aims to establish a structured framework with the different phases for a successful APC program lifecycle, the guidelines in each phase and how to avoid many common pitfalls.

Wednesday, May 4 – 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. – Justin Conroy, Radix’ Head of Manufacturing North America will speak on The Solution to the Great Resignation is a data Driven Culture.

This presentation will address the significant shift in the available Pulp & Paper workforce due to retirement of senior, knowledgeable resources, and changes in workforce expectations regarding flexibility, location, and time-off that are generally not aligned with industry standards. To address these issues, the Pulp and Paper industry core business must become Data Driven. Data driven companies have the capability to increase revenues and reduce costs across the entire lifecycle of an operating facility from conceptual design to decommission. This paper will discuss the root causes of why the workforce is shifting, what it means to become data driven, and how the culture of a company can be transformed to meet the demands of this newest market scenario.

Radix’ Vision of the How Data-Driven Solutions Can Drive Operational Excellence

According to Elliott Bell, Radix Program Director for Pulp & Paper: “No data that a company creates is expendable. While tremendous investment continues to be made in building solutions, very little has changed in the collection, digitization, and governance of metadata. Until now there has not been a system dedicated to integrating all metadata to create a single digital encyclopedia of a capital project, from concept to retirement.

“The opportunity to collect and leverage metadata generated throughout the asset lifecycle, with support of the AWS and Conmark partnership, is the key to effectively thrive on data-driven decision-making and optimized performance.

Through the total digitalization of a capital project metadata, companies may realize:

  • Reduction in the effort to trouble shoot problems
  • Cheaper and faster deployment of advanced automation
  • Cheaper and faster deployment of Digital twins
  • Reduction of checkout and startup timelines of capital projects
  • More effective optimization efforts. Internal and external SMEs have more accurate data
  • Reduction of lifecycle maintenance cost.

The ability to locate, trust and utilize the metadata associated with equipment through a digital integrated data lifecycle has a direct impact on the long-term cost of ownership and success of companies.”