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R.A. Smith National welcomed into WDNR—s Green Tier Program

BROOKFIELD, WIS. — R.A. Smith National, a multi-disciplined civil engineering and surveying firm, will be welcomed into the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (WDNR) Green Tier Program with a celebratory event on October 29 at the company’s Brookfield, Wis., corporate headquarters. Green Tier encourages a collaborative approach to environmental performance between the WDNR and Wisconsin businesses. As part of Green Tier, Wisconsin organizations voluntarily commit to reduce their environmental footprint by developing and implementing accredited environmental management systems.

Rick Smith, president and owner, said, “Our commitment to the environment and sustainability affects every part of our business in a positive way. In addition to what we have accomplished, we believe it is important to evaluate all areas of our operations on an ongoing basis to determine how we may further reduce energy and water consumption, and improve waste reduction. We are further committed to the environment and to providing sustainable design through the services we offer our clients.”

Over the last several years R.A. Smith National has completed numerous sustainable initiatives including setting up a recycling program; converting all light fixtures to energy efficient T8s and CFLs; installing a 19.3-KW solar system, a 1.5-KW wind turbine, a 96-percent efficient boiler, and lighting controls.

R.A. Smith National is planning to continue its mission of improving energy efficiency by working toward the following goals in 2014:
• decreasing total electricity and natural gas used;
• decreasing the total gallons of water used;
• organizing a corporate sustainability team; and
• obtaining the Energy Star rating for the firm’s Brookfield office.

R.A. Smith National is also a member of Wisconsin Green Master’s Program. This program is an objective, points-based recognition program that enables Wisconsin institutions of all sizes and from any sector to join a group of like-minded companies that are “on the road to sustainability.” Developed by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin, the Green Master’s Program helps to recognize Wisconsin’s sustainability leaders and encourage continuous improvement.