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Quick Fitting Launches Partnership with Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber

Quick Fitting Launches Partnership with Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber

Texas master plumber to promote brand by sharing videos on social media
East Providence, RI – Quick Fitting, maker of proven and reliable Quick Connection technology for plumbing applications, announces a partnership with Roger Wakefield, a LEED AP known as ‘The Expert Plumber’ – one of YouTube’s biggest plumbing trade stars. Roger will be promoting the Quick Connection Technology brand by developing videos and sharing his expertise through a variety of social media channels.

Wakefield was named as one of the “15 Best People To Follow” on LinkedIn’s A Guide for 2020 by Viral Nation, and has appeared on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and more. Dubbed “The Next Expert Plumber” in 2017 by American Standard, Roger is a Texas Master Plumber with a rapidly growing audience of subscribers. He is a principal in a plumbing and HVAC company, a seasoned speaker, and trainer focused on helping plumbers excel in the field. 

“As a lifelong believer in press fitting technology, I have been skeptical of other push-to-connect products, so before agreeing to the sponsorship arrangement, I had to see for myself how Quick Fitting’s technology compared,” explains Wakefield. 

Roger visited Quick Fitting’s East Providence, Rhode Island manufacturing facility to test how Quick Connection Technology measures up against competitors. Here, he conducted extensive hydrostatic pressure and tensile strength tests. Roger left the facility convinced of Quick Fitting’s high quality:

“The results of our tests showed me you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks! Quick Connection bested both classic press fitting and the leading push-to-connect competitor. Quick Connection fittings held until 2127 pounds per square inch (PSI). That’s 21x the city water pressures we commonly deal with!” 

In collaboration with the brand, Roger will be developing a variety of content across social platforms. Kicking off the partnership is a video demonstrating the test results. 

“I am very excited to announce this new partnership,” says Matt Boucher, CEO of Quick Fitting. “As a well-known and trusted plumber and noted media influencer, we are certain that Roger will help us share the brand with the industry and demonstrate Quick Connection’s superiority in the marketplace.”

About Quick Fitting

Quick Fitting Holding Company, LLC designs and delivers Quick Connection Technology. Our proven, reliable, and innovative pipe, wire, and conduit fittings and valves help professional contractors and DIYers by simplifying installations and repairs and making them faster and less expensive to complete. Our cost-effective, simple and safe solutions can be applied in industrial, commercial, marine, agricultural, RV and mobile home, and residential settings. 

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