Easy push-to-connect installation and superior pressure performance
WARWICK, RI – Quick Fitting, a leading manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces Quick Fitting Copper pure copper push fittings, the latest innovation in push connection technology for plumbing, heating, solar and irrigation applications. The patented design creates an instant connection in a few seconds with superior performance and sealing properties compared to conventional push-fit technology.
Quick Fitting Copper offers a dual seal design, which addresses a common failure point for other push to connect fittings due to poor pipe deburring and offers better pressure performance over competitive push fittings. The outer seal protects the inner seal from degradation throughout the lifetime of the connection, and the design generates 100% more sealing surface than single seal designs.
Quick Fitting Copper fittings are factory and independently tested to levels significantly above the industry’s stringent standards for plumbing and heating technology. As a result, Quick Fitting Copper is approved for plumbing, heating, irrigation and solar applications using Copper, PEX and CPVC pipe and tubing.
With its push-to-connect fitting, installation is easy and requires fewer steps than other connection types. What’s more, without any soldering, gluing, or crimping required, safety is greater, risks lowered, and installation made faster, all of which provide economic benefits to end users. With no open flames, no chemical exposure, and reduced risk of tool accidents or errors, pipe connection projects are safer and easier with Quick Fitting Copper. Health and safety are also improved by the lead-free design, which has been tested and approved to the strict U.S. National Lead law standards.
Quick Fitting is a professional-grade quick connection company that builds products and programs to support customers. Quick Fitting Copper push fittings are available with a special professional contractor 75-year warranty program that covers repairs in the event of a leak. For more information about Quick Fitting Copper, visit www.quickfitting.com/.