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Qdos CWT chemical metering pump doses chlorine without fail for over 15,000 hours at Ergon Inc.

Qdos CWT chemical metering pump doses chlorine without fail for over 15,000 hours at Ergon Inc.

A Qdos CWT (Conveying Wave Technology™) chemical metering pump ran for over 21 months dosing chlorine at Ergon – West Virginia Inc.’s paraffinic refinery in Newell, West Virginia in the United States, after replacing a diaphragm pump which lasted less than half the time on average.

The Qdos CWT pump, which is now available with 130 PSI (9 bar) pressure capability, is dosing chlorine into the raw water stream as part of a process to produce sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) for the paper and pulp industry.

Diaphragm injection pumps were lasting eight to ten months in the chlorine application for Ergon, which wanted a longer lasting, lower maintenance alternative option.

Ergon installed a Qdos CWT pump, which ran continuously from February 8, 2022 to November 21, 2023.

Qdos CWT, part of the Qdos range from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS), has improved reliability and reduced maintenance for Ergon for this application at the crude oil refinery, which has a wide customer base for a variety of paraffinic process and base oils Ergon produces at Newell.

Bob Bowers, Maintenance Planner/Coordinator at Ergon West Virginia, Inc., said: “The pump is dosing 200 ppm (parts per million) chlorine into the raw water stream for our softener that feeds the fuel gas treatment system. It pumps 6 mL per hour, day in and day out without a hitch. The water from the softening system is used to help flush hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from our refinery fuel gas and carry it to our NaHS unit, a product which is used in paper mills.

“The Qdos pump has greatly improved reliability and simplified service for our application. Maintenance for this system has been reduced to keeping the chlorine tank full and adding salt to the softener.

“The softener runs continuously, 24-7, for our fuel gas treatment plant. Reliability is key to keeping the feed water to the softener treated biologically, which is what this pump provides – chlorine for that treatment.

“The original Qdos pumphead was installed in February of 2022 and ran roughly 15,600 hours [equivalent to 651 days, over 21 months]. The original outlasted anything else we tried in that application by nearly triple. That is head and shoulders above the previously used diaphragm pump for service time.”

Ergon’s Energy & Specialty Solutions (ESS) segment transforms molecules that would otherwise be used as transportation fuels into non-combusted specialty naphthenic and paraffinic products for niche markets. Paraffinic process and base oils produced at Newell are used in a variety of applications, including automotive and industrial lubricants, grease, chemical process industries, and rubber applications.

Qdos CWT, one of six peristaltic pumps in the Qdos range which is designed to meet chemical metering and dosing requirements, delivers all the benefits of a peristaltic pump, but with significantly longer service life than traditional tube designs.

The longer CWT pumphead life, coupled with the recently enhanced 130 PSI (9 bar) pressure, enables Qdos CWT to meet requirements in more demanding applications.

Benefits of the Qdos CWT include:

  • Accuracy of ±1% and repeatability of ±0.5% in dosing
  • Flow rates to 31.7 USGPH (30 L/h) at pressures of up 130 PSI (9 bar)
  • Long service life at high pressure
  • Reliable, low-maintenance metering

What is Conveying Wave Technology?

Conveying Wave Technology (CWT) employs the peristaltic principle to operate a unique fluid contact element. To achieve the peristaltic pumping action, the pump incorporates a fluid contact element rather than a tube, which acts against a PEEK track. As a result, the fluid contact elements are subjected to very low stress levels. In use, this means a Qdos CWT pump will deliver significantly longer service life than a traditional pump.

About Ergon

Ergon is a group of privately held companies that operate under four primary business segments: Energy & Specialty Solutions, Pavement & Coating Resources, Integrated Services & Logistics, and Exploration & Production.

About Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) is a world leader in manufacturing peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies for the life sciences and process industries.

WMFTS is part of Spirax Group (formerly Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc), with 47 operating units worldwide (December 31, 2023).

Further information can be found at www.wmfts.com.