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PSE creates Oregons first shipping container home

KLAMATH FALLS, ORE. — Precision Structural Engineering Inc. (PSE) has engineered the first shipping container home to be built in the state of Oregon.

With just a few adjustments, shipping containers can be used as part of an excellent approach to sound home building, PSE said, adding that shipping containers will be a key source in providing housing and shelter in this rapidly changing world for many people who badly need homes.

Making use of reusable products to build homes reduces waste. Additionally, shipping container homes offer notable benefits to the homeowner in the following ways:
Durability. Made with weathered steel, shipping containers can withstand most natural events and heavy weather.
Ease of Use. Already in block shape, shipping containers can easily be used to create homes. Build a home vertically or expand horizontally. It is like building with giant LEGOs.
Modern Design. Creating a home using shipping containers is creating art. Incorporating clean lines and colorful interiors, shipping container homes can be unique conversation pieces for their owners and guests.
Self-supporting. With beams and stout already incorporated into their design, as well as marine-grade plywood flooring already in place, shipping container homes eliminate significant time and labor during the home-building process. And the interior customization options are endless.
Non-combustible. As shipping containers are made of steel, they are naturally fire-resistent. Nationwide, at least 6,000 people die in fires each year, and an additional 100,000 are injured in combustible wood homes.

For more information on creating a home, office, studio, apartment building, or other functional structure with recycled shipping containers, please visit https://www.structure1.com/.