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Protect Soil Slopes & Walls with GEOWEB® 3D Soil Confinement

Protect Soil Slopes & Walls with GEOWEB® 3D Soil Confinement

Soil slopes are naturally susceptible to erosion and soil walls need to be fortified against settlement, surcharge loading and collapse. Failure of slopes can lead to unsafe and unsightly conditions, landscape and property damage, and costly repairs. Using GEOWEB® 3D geocells, soil slopes are protected against erosive forces, and can be counted on to last the lifetime of the project. Both surface erosion and larger global stability concerns can be mitigated with GEOWEB Slope Protection and GEOWEB Earth Retention Systems. Multiple types of infill and anchoring methods allow for project customization, resulting in a low-maintenance and attractive slopes and walls for years to come.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the causes of slope surface erosion and how they lead to slope failure.
  • Learn how the GEOWEB 3D system can protect slopes against erosive forces.
  • Learn how to apply GEOWEB slope protection systems in a variety of project conditions.
  • Understand fundamentals of different types of earth retention structures with the GEOWEB system.
  • Discover distinguishing features of GEOWEB walls and what sets them apart from other types of walls.
  • Learn product and performance attributes of vegetated GEOWEB slopes and walls that contribute to low impact development and green initiatives. 



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