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Prime the Way to Anticorrosion Coating Durability with Cortec’s High Performance VpCI®-395 Water-Based Epoxy Primer

Prime the Way to Anticorrosion Coating Durability with Cortec’s High Performance VpCI®-395 Water-Based Epoxy Primer

A good primer is an excellent key to a successful coatings system—especially when corrosion protection of metals is at stake. The primer provides an important baseline for metal surface protection by covering imperfections, creating a smoother profile, and, most importantly, providing good adhesion between the substrate and the topcoat so the protective coating bond can last as long as possible while inhibiting corrosion. Although primer needs vary from project to project, painters ready to go the extra mile can maximize durability by choosing Cortec’s high performance VpCI®-395 WaterBased Epoxy Primer for their next corrosion inhibiting application.

High Performance Primer

VpCI®-395 is a fast drying, 2K water-based epoxy one coat system that can be applied direct to metal for use as a protective primer in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications. VpCI®-395 provides multi-metal protection that competes with most paints and zinc-rich primers. It performs well in corrosive salt spray and humidity test conditions. VpCI®-395 is dry to touch in 20-30 minutes and dry to handle in one to two hours, curing to a pencil hardness of H in three to seven days. It provides high level 5B adhesion, integral to a good coatings bond.

Immersion and Chemical Resistance

VpCI®-395 WaterBased Epoxy Primer is an excellent choice where an anticorrosion coating is needed for immersion applications (e.g., tanks) and chemical resistance. A urethane topcoat such as VpCI®-384 is recommended for enhanced durability in outdoor conditions, but a second layer of VpCI®-395 can also be used as a topcoat in interior-only applications (no UV exposure). Custom color matching options make it easy to coordinate with a facility’s color scheme.

Special Advantages of VpCI®-395

In addition to performing well in immersion applications, VpCI®-395 also has other advantages that recommend its use. A prime characteristic is its two-component (2K) makeup. While one component systems are most convenient for painters because they do not require special mixing of two different parts, two component coatings offer the greatest coating durability because of chemistry crosslinking that can only take place during on-the-job mixing of a two-part system. If painters are willing to go the extra mile to achieve this step up in durability, a 2K primer is by far the best option. Other positive characteristics of  VpCI®-395 are that it is water-based and has a low VOC of 0.2 lbs/gal (24 g/L), limiting worker exposure to solvents and facilitating easier cleanup.

Take the Critical Step Toward Successful Coatings

Priming is a critical step on the path to successful coatings protection, but choosing the right primer also plays an important role in the coating’s ultimate performance. Many factors will influence the type of primer chosen—time, cost, and environment, to name a few. For best results, a 2K option such as VpCI®-395 is optimal for good corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and durability as part of a successful Cortec® High Performance Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting Coatingssystem. Contact Cortec® to learn more about VpCI®-395 WaterBased Epoxy Primer today: https://www.corteccoatings.com/contact-us-2/.