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President proposes $1.82 billion for 27 major transit projects

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Feb. 1, President Obama proposed $1.82 billion in funding for 27 major transit construction projects projected to create jobs and increase transportation options throughout the country.

According to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the projects, which are “planned and developed at the state and local level, are crucial investments that will boost economic vitality in cities and towns across the country.” LaHood further added that the “projects will create jobs, diversify local transit options for consumers, and stimulate economic activity at a critical juncture in our continuing recovery.”

The spending plan included in President Obama’s budget was submitted to Congress on Feb. 1. The budget announces recommendations to invest $834.6 million in 19 new transit construction projects — 10 of which are new funding recommendations in FY 2011, and nine of which have been recommended for funding in previous years, but the construction grant agreements are pending. The plan also provides $924.6 million for the continued funding of eight projects already under construction in New York, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Northern Virginia.

A complete list of referenced projects is available here.

For information and ratings on all projects in the New Starts and Small Starts programs, see FTA’s Annual Report on Funding Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2011.