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Presagis Teams with Kambill Systems to Provide Artificial Intelligence-Based Geospatial Services in Asia Pacific

Presagis Teams with Kambill Systems to Provide Artificial Intelligence-Based Geospatial Services in Asia Pacific

Presagis, a global leader in 3D advanced modelling and simulation software, has teamed with Kambill Systems of New Delhi, India, and their HelloGeo platform to offer fully automated, large-area artificial intelligence (AI) -based feature extraction services to national mapping agencies and other geospatial organizations in the Asia Pacific Region (APAC). The team’s first two contracts have been awarded by the Indian National Survey Agency/State Revenue Department of India for a massive building footprint and vegetation extraction from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data.

“Presagis is honored to team with Kambill Systems and their HelloGeo cloud platform to provide a comprehensive AI-based geospatial solution to Indian National Survey Agency/State Revenue Department of India,” said Jean-Michel Briere, President of Presagis based in Montreal, Canada. “Together, our companies plan to deliver fast and accurate large-area mapping services to civilian and defense survey organizations across the APAC Region.”

Kambill and Presagis will demonstrate their integrated geospatial mapping capabilities in booth 37 at the GeoSmart India 2022 Conference being held November 15-17 in Hyderabad.  The AI-based feature extraction tools are part of the recently released Presagis VELOCITY 5D (V5D) digital twin generation platform, which will also be demonstrated at the conference.

“Kambill chose to integrate the Presagis AI building footprint and vegetation extraction tools into its HelloGeo geospatial solution after Presagis completed a nationwide 3D digital twin creation project covering 65,000 square kilometers for a European country in just three days,” said by Kamal Sharma, CEO of Kambill Systems. The automated Presagis AI algorithms succeeded in identifying 1.34 million building footprints in satellite imagery, which exceeded the results of manual footprint delineation by a staggering 55,000 structures.

“The speed and accuracy of our AI feature extraction algorithms – especially in projects covering massive geographic areas – are unmatched in the geospatial community,” said Briere. “Our automated process will deliver a significant savings in time and money for Indian National Survey Agency/ State Revenue Department of India which currently relies on manual extraction methods.”

Presagis has leveraged AI and game engine technologies to build its cloud-based V5D platform for fast and automated conversion of massive volumes of diverse 2D geospatial data into high-fidelity 3D digital twins. With no geospatial data processing expertise, V5D users can easily produce realistic and scalable digital twins that are ready immediately for use in advanced visualization and simulation to unlock the context often hidden in geospatial data and empower better decision.

To learn more about V5D, please visit www.velocity5d.com.