The additional expertise cements Premier’s standing as an industry leader in new construction and large-scale renovation for various types of projects

DALLAS — Premier, an end-to-end architecture, design, procurement, and project management firm, has expanded its engineering team by hiring Ovi Meret and Richard Strock, and its project management department by hiring Sean Segerblom. As the firm earns more clients and expands its scope throughout the hospitality, multifamily, and student housing industries, Meret and Strock will allow Premier to maintain its commitment to providing first-rate and comprehensive services by managing budgets, providing technical expertise, and liaising with vendors and clients. On the project management team, Segerblom will spearhead process change management, perform analysis and reporting on capital expenditure spending, and directly interface with fixed asset accounting and hotel operations departments.

“Whether it’s constructing a new multifamily development or renovating a hotel to meet the demands of the modern traveler, providing top-tier engineering and project management services are the foundations of our industry,” said Johannes Michalsky, Premier’s Senior Vice President of Project Management and Corporate Engineering. “By welcoming Ovi, Richard and Sean to our already robust firm, Premier is ensuring we can continue to reliably provide end-to-end services as our portfolio expands, especially at a time when supply chain disruptions and consumer behaviors are changing.”

Ovi Meret, Director of Corporate Engineering

  • Meret previously served as the Director of Engineering for Omni Mandalay, where he led a team that developed and managed budgets, ensured compliance with safety codes, and worked with vendors to purchase all necessary equipment. With Premier, Meret will spearhead construction and renovation projects, ensuring projects completed on schedule. Prior to Premier, Meret served as Director of Engineering at Omni Mandalay, as well as the Highland Dallas Hotel.

Richard Strock, Director of Corporate Engineering

  • Before joining Premier, Strock served as the Director of Operations for Knight Commercial Services. During his eight-year tenure, he modernized staff training and development, revamped the equipment management process, and improved inventory management and asset tracking. While at Premier, Strock will leverage his technical and leadership skills to deliver innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient projects for clients. Previously, Strock was Director of Operations for Knight Commercial Services.

Sean Segerblom, Business Analyst

  • Prior Premier, Segerblom was a Resale Manager at Tenstar Development Group where he delivered sales presentations, conducted market research, and collaborated closely with marketing to increase sales activity. In his new role, he will ensure projects remain efficient, well-organized, and on-time while seeking opportunities to further streamline internal and external processes. Before Premier, Segerblom worked for the Tenstar Development Group as a Resale Manager.