Moss Point, Miss. — Tindall Corporation’s Mississippi Division is producing a unique precast concrete structure for the Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi. This parking/amusement structure will provide a precast flooring system for resort visitor vehicles as well as amusement park rides. 

“Quick turnaround time, specialty in-house engineering and a flexible system allowed our team to bring exceptional products and services to meet this customer’s specific needs,” said Mac Freeman, P.E., Vice President and General Manager of the Mississippi Division. “We are looking forward to the good times ahead at the Margaritaville Resort for all.”

The precast structure will support numerous amusement rides, games, food trucks and facilities on the top floor amusement deck and provide additional parking space for visitors on the intermediate floor. Tindall is providing 2,100 precast components for a total of 183,000 square feet, including a precast flooring system and precast columns and beams that support the two elevated decks.

Tindall produced precast concrete slabs for the original Biloxi Margaritaville Resort concept in 2008, which will now be utilized as part of this structure.  The excellent condition of these slabs shows Tindall’s products can withstand the test of time, harsh environments and inclement weather which is essential for Gulf Coast construction. 

Andy Westfall as project manager and Paul Kocke, P.E., as project engineer play key roles on this project, working alongside Margaritaville’s in-house architectural and general contracting teams. Tindall’s engineering team is aiding in the design-build effort and collaborating with the customer, adding value to the partnership.

Precast deck erection will begin this fall, post-tourist season. The resort is slated to open mid-2020. 

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