BREWSTER, N.Y. — Powers Fasteners Inc. has announced changes in management for its business.

Chris Powers, formerly company CEO, will assume the advisory role of chairman, while Jeffrey R. Powers has been promoted to CEO of Powers Fasteners’ global business.

Powers III, former VP of purchasing, will be president of Powers Fasteners Inc. Mike Fergus, former VP of global operations at Black and Decker’s accessories division, has been hired as VP of purchasing for Powers Fastening Inc.

He was responsible for facilities in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany and Asia, as well as all the commercial responsibilities relating to supplier relationships around the globe.

Fergus has a vast background in international manufacturing and supply chain, holding an MBA from Loyola, and an engineering degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University.

Chairman Chris Powers commented on the new structure at Powers: “These corporate changes represent the natural evolution of a rapidly expanding business. Powers Fasteners is currently a healthy, dynamic entity poised to expand on a global basis,” he said. “We have helped ensure prosperity in every country we serve, but we also need to be forward-looking, and continue our investment in people and products for even greater success worldwide. Our father and grandfather laid the foundation for this business more than fifty years ago, and today’s changes represent a step forward in securing the success of the Powers brand and legacy for our customers long term.”

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