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Power your growth with Sulzer

Power your growth with Sulzer

Our extensive training programs and multiple opportunities across the organization differentiates us

Join a company with great people, products and services today

One of the world’s largest global service providers for electromechanical, pump and turbo equipment – Sulzer is looking for new talent to expand its family orientated, international teams in North America. Join Sulzer and gain unique opportunities, grow your skills and build strong friendships while delivering solutions that power today.

Find out more by watching Sulzer’s newly released YouTube recruitment video! To apply to join the company, visit www.sulzer.com/careers.

Sulzer is powered by people – which means it’s powered by you. The business is looking to recruit new millwrights, technicians, engineers, welders, mechanics, machinists, support staff and apprentices to work on exciting and challenging rotating equipment.

Employees will have the chance to power their growth with new skills while fostering close, supportive relationships with a wide range of customers in the power generation, renewables, manufacturing, petrochemical, oil & gas, mining, nuclear, infrastructure, water and steel sectors – among others.

By moving together as one big family, Sulzer charges forward, building powerful connections and trust between both customers and colleagues. Fulfilment at Sulzer is not only solving customer challenges but seeking better solutions while supporting each other to power personal growth and enhancing local communities. This ethos underpins the responsive, 24/7 engineering services the business provides to customers throughout the Americas and beyond.

To give an insight into its friendly, inclusive working environment, the company has produced a video series entitled Powered by People, available on the Sulzer YouTube channel. The series examines the amazing stories of employees at Sulzer, covering everything from supporting local non-profit organizations to restoring critical equipment during hurricane season.

Darayus Pardivala, President, Sulzer Services, Americas, adds: “We want to add to our team of experts at all levels of the business. At Sulzer, if you succeed, we all succeed. This philosophy ensures that we work closely as a connected team, empowering each other to deliver solutions to help customers overcome their challenges. Our extensive training programs and multiple opportunities across the organization differentiates us. Join us at Sulzer and you’ll discover we’re powered by your growth.”