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PopUp Drink Thru Opens in Bentonville: Brand Experience Designed by Verdant Studio

<strong>PopUp Drink Thru Opens in Bentonville: Brand Experience Designed by Verdant Studio</strong>

A first of its kind Drink Thru, PopUp Drink Thru, is coming to Northwest Arkansas. The beverage-based restaurant, located at 2001 SW Regional Airport Blvd in Bentonville, serves energy drinks, sodas, coffee, teas, shakes, chais, and sparkling water while adding flavors, sauces, fruit purees, and creams, to create an original drink experience.

Verdant Studio, Rogers, Arkansas based art, architecture, interiors, and research firm, worked with business owner, Rolf Wilkin, to design all aspects of the bubbly, high-energy brand; from site planning, exterior architecture, and interior design, to the logo, cups, menu, and culture.

Verdant Studio’s director of creative placemaking, Dayton Castleman, said, “Rolf  had some very clear ideas about the customer experience he wanted to generate. As a part of our process, we worked to understand this vision and his business goals, then combined that with artistic and architectural insight to produce visible and tangible elements to make the PopUp experience as refreshing as the drinks served.”

With iconic and highly visible components in both the building and the drink product itself, this new concept is designed to be energizing, fun, and convenient for customers. 

PopUp Drink Thru is scheduled to open in March 2023. 

For more information on Verdant Studio visit www.verdant-studio.com 

For more information on Pop Up Drink Thru visit https://www.drinkpopup.com