Shepperton Studios, UK — Users of DotProduct 3D handheld scanners can now produce 3D models at the touch of a button following the release of Pointfuse for DP. A powerful meshing solution that offers a one-button approach to converting DotProduct scan data into lightweight, intelligent 3D models, Pointfuse for DP can potentially reduce output file sizes by tenfold, dramatically improving downstream workflows including solid modeling and Virtual Reality environments.

Offering a “one button” approach, Pointfuse for DP not only converts DotProduct point clouds into 3D models with accurate geometry, but also enables the discrete mesh surfaces within the models to be isolated and manipulated in third-party CAD software. Pointfuse for DP allows DotProduct users to access Pointfuse’s powerful 3D modeling engine, directly from the Dot3D software, providing a fast, easy and accurate method for generating 3D models.

“The release of Pointfuse for DP is important for DotProduct users as it will streamline workflows especially for emerging applications such as AR/VR,” commented Tom Greaves, Chief Marketing Officer at DotProduct LLC. “Pointfuse for DP provides a user-friendly, high value solution for getting point cloud data ready for downstream use, so we are excited to work with Pointfuse to launch it to our users.”

DotProduct handheld scanners provide mobile 3D scanning solutions for rapid capture of the existing spaces and facilities. The flagship DPI-8X is an Android-based self-contained handheld 3D scanner, allowing users to instantly capture 3D color data with full freedom of motion. A complete solution, with all hardware and software included, the DPI-8X exports data directly to the highly compressed DP point cloud format – now compatible with Pointfuse for DP for onward processing.