With the 65-plus population soaring nationally, senior community developers are turning to design innovators to help create more appealing residential offerings. According to architect Rocky Berg, a national expert in senior living, the companies poised to capitalize on the growth trend already have long-established and collaborative relationships with industry experts.
Berg speaks from experience: His Dallas-based firm three (threearch.com) has designed more than 30 new and renovated senior living communities over the last 25 years and cultivated many mutually productive and enduring client relationships along the way. The beneficiaries include thousands of senior residents.
One of Berg’s clients and collaborators, Forefront Living, launches a video podcast series titled “At the Forefront” — and Berg is the first guest for this new online show aimed at an audience of curious 65-plus viewers.
Hosted by Forefront Living CEO Tim Mallad, the series features discussions with senior living and hospice professionals as well as architects and designers. The interviews are directed at seniors, intending to help them “take steps toward achieving the future of their dreams.”
The podcast programs also shed light on ways that seniors can live active, fulfilling lives — a mission that the nonprofit owner-developer takes seriously.
Mallad’s questions emerge from Forefront Living’s ongoing working relationship with Berg and three, through the major repositioning and expansion of Presbyterian Village North in North Dallas. In addition, the architects at three are currently overseeing design and development of The Outlook at Windhaven, a brand-new community for seniors in Plano, Texas.

The engaging conversation between Mallad and Berg — which reveals a relationship between two professionals whose work together has evolved into friendship — offers insights on a number of topics, including:
What senior communities are doing as they reposition and rebrand to stay competitive.

  • How an experiential approach to design, creating an emotional connection with residents, creates important differentiators
  • The evolution of amenities package seniors can now expect, as the focus shifts to flexible, multipurpose spaces layered over the experiential architectural settings.
  • How the pandemic has impacting design — and resident needs.
  • What owners and developers must consider today to navigate market uncertainty as they are conceiving new senior communities.
“It’s always a pleasure to speak with Tim,” says Berg. “To have one of our conversations captured on camera was a unique experience, yet it felt completely natural, like two friends catching up after a while.”