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Pitzman—s Co. announces new majority owner and president

ST. LOUIS — On Oct. 6, 2010, T. Christopher Peoples purchased majority interest in Pitzman’s Co. of Surveyors & Engineers from Frontenac Engineering Group. Peoples has worked for Pitzman’s as a project engineer and land surveyor for more than 12 years. For the last year as vice president, Peoples helped increase the overall success and productivity of the firm. As president and managing partner, Peoples is committed to maintaining the high quality of service, standards, and attention to clients that has long been a trademark of Pitzman’s.

Pitzman’s provides land surveying services to municipal, institutional, commercial, and residential real estate owners throughout St. Louis and the surrounding region. Established in 1859 by Major Julius Pitzman, Pitzman’s has meticulously maintained surveying and engineering, providing its clients with detailed information about their property and development plans for more than 150 years.

Peoples will be supported during the ownership transition by William K. Berthold. Berthold will remain a minority owner and play an active role within the firm as vice president and principal land surveyor. Along with Berthold, Peoples will be joined by the existing highly experienced and professional staff including Kevin Blest, office manager and senior CADD specialist; Sam Demos, field supervisor and deputy surveyor; Scott Pett, deputy surveyor; and Bill Howe, deputy surveyor.

For more information, visit www.pitzmans.com.