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PITTSBURGH /PRNewswire/ — As bridge safety rises to the forefront of public discussion, a Pittsburgh-based software company is partnering with public agencies to help prevent events like last week’s bridge collapse.

Mayvue Solutions, a Pittsburgh-based software solutions company specializing in infrastructure management, creates software that helps officials to monitor the deterioration level of bridges and infrastructure. The company’s technology aids transportation experts in identifying high-risk bridges and developing plans to repair and maintain the bridges.

“It’s no secret that bridge infrastructure across this country is in alarming condition,” said Josh Lang, CEO of Mayvue. “We want to continue to partner with municipal, county, state and federal agencies to help make sure that deteriorating infrastructure doesn’t result in events like the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse.”

The Jan. 28 collapse of a heavily-trafficked Pittsburgh bridge that was rated “poor” by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation underscores the importance of monitoring the condition of infrastructure across the country. The collapse injured 10 people, as five cars and a bus were crossing the span when it crumbled. Reports indicate that 175 of the 1,580 bridges in Allegheny County are rated “poor,” with an advanced deterioration of primary structural elements.

Lang said his company will continue to work with agencies to analyze the current conditions of bridges and forecast the needed repairs.

The software is the most advanced bridge management solution on the market and is used to manage the condition of hundreds of thousands of bridges across the country. The software allows users to simulate scenarios at the bridge level or the inventory level. Lang said he hopes to grow those partnerships within local and county entities, similar to the ongoing partnerships with more than 40 state Departments of Transportation.

“Strong partnerships will help provide the knowledge and foresight needed to assure motorists that they are safe when crossing bridges across this country,” Lang said. “Our country’s infrastructure needs to be a priority, and Mayvue is willing to do whatever we can to help that mission.”

Founded in January 2019, Mayvue is the premier software solutions provider to public agencies as they build and maintain the critical infrastructure necessary for today and into the future. With approximately 75% of all infrastructure in the United States being funded and maintained by state and local agencies, it is critical that the most advanced tools and expertise are available to empower them to efficiently and effectively maintain infrastructure assets.

Building on the industry skills and experience of its founding team, Mayvue re-envisions the technologies used by public agencies to further their impact and to guide them into the future.