Phase One, a pioneering provider of professional aerial cameras and  Drone Harmony, a leader in automation software for data acquisition workflows in the  commercial drone market, today announced that they are teaming up to empower  customers to increase productivity and consistent image quality for reliable and scalable  operations. The new integration between Phase One and Drone Harmony, increases productivity, ease of use and flexibility by offering an automated mission planning tool  which together with Phase One 100MP sensor reduces the chance of having to refly complex vertical inspection assets and improves the efficiency and data quality  compared to manual flight. 

“We’ve seen a strong customer demand to automatize inspection and high-resolution mapping  jobs, especially for high-risk mission in urban or industrial environments. Together with Phase  One we’re now meeting this demand by offering industry leading high-resolution jobs with an unmatched efficient, accurate and automated inspection and a simplified integration process via  Phase One camera SDK.” Said David Adjiashvili, Co-founder at Drone Harmony 

“Phase One is well known in the UAV industry for our uncompromised image quality,  submillimeter details and ultra-high resolution. The Drone Harmony integration ensures that our  customers can get consistent results through flight path automatization and thereby creating a  critical enabler for scaling their UAV operations and increasing the productivity” said Michael Messersmith, Portfolio Director – Drones/UAVs 

3D Demo sets from an old concrete factory showcasing the planning, flying and processing data  with Phase One P3 and Drone Harmony, is available to view here: 

About Drone Harmony 

Drone Harmony is a leader in automation software for data acquisition workflows in the  commercial drone market. Its software solutions are based on a proprietary Full-3D Flight  Planning Engine enabling market-leading degrees of automation in flight plan generation, plan  visualization and flight execution, leading to safer and more efficient data acquisition. With its  software solution, Drone Harmony makes it possible to scale drone-based data capture  workflows from small PoCs to large enterprise-wide operations. Drone Harmony is a Swiss  company active globally.  

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Phase One 

Phase One–a pioneer of digital imaging sensors and airborne systems for the Geo market and  the largest provider of aerial cameras based on a long tradition for outstanding image quality  and reliable sensors. Founded in 1993, Phase One is a pioneer of digital photography. Phase  One has developed core imaging technologies and a range of digital cameras and imaging  modules, providing the world’s highest image quality in terms of resolution, dynamic range, color  fidelity and geometric accuracy. As such, Phase One has grown to become the leading provider 

of high-end imaging technology across many demanding business segments, such as aerial  mapping, industrial inspection and cultural heritage digitization, as well as serving the world’s  most demanding photographers.