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Pfannenberg PYRA ® LED Series Visible Signaling Devices are Flexible Enough for Use in Any Signaling Application

Pfannenberg PYRA ® LED Series Visible Signaling Devices are Flexible Enough for Use in Any Signaling Application

Products are easy to install and configure, and add safety and convenience in heavy industry, material handling, gas detection & amp; security applications

Lancaster, NYPfannenberg, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of thermal management technologies, announces that its PYRA® product line of LED Visible Signaling Devices is the most flexible and brightest LED signaling technology on the market. Built with durable construction for industries such as heavy industry, material handling, gas detection & security applications, the PYRA LED series is appropriate for use wherever visible signaling is needed.

Capable of being fully integrated into the design of any given machine or plant, the PYRA LED product line can be configured with different modes (steady-on, blinking, and flashing), the frequency of which can be controlled by the user as well. These visual signaling devices also feature an external color and mode control, which allows users to select the signaling mode and the color via remote control, and to display different configurations for different alerts with just one light. The product line also features a multi-voltage power supply to ensure numerous possible connections and applications.

Four different options are available within the product line: single LED lights, LED RGB lights, LED traffic lights, and a pre-assembled combination of a single LED RGB light and a PATROL sounder module. The single lights allow changes to signaling and frequency modes, while the RGB lights have the added flexibility of changing the signal color as well. LED traffic lights are available pre-assembled or as individual modules to be assembled by the end user. Finally, although end users can easily combine any of the PYRA series products with Pfannenberg’s audible signaling devices, the pre-assembled, compact, and multifunctional single light/PATROL sounder combination delivers the greatest flexibility and ease of use in a convenient, pre-assembled design.

For more information about the highly adaptable PYRA line of Visible Signaling Devices, visit https://www.pfannenbergusa.com/the-pyra-led-s-series/.