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Perpetual Pavement: Simpson Strong-Tie to Introduce New Pavement Reinforcement Grid Technology at 2022 World of Asphalt

Perpetual Pavement: Simpson Strong-Tie to Introduce New Pavement Reinforcement Grid Technology at 2022 World of Asphalt

Category innovator Klavs Olsen will help launch new pavement technologies designed to boost the durability and safety of US roadways and prepare them for future tech.

Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, will bring a new category of asphalt pavement reinforcement technologies designed to significantly improve the durability and driveability of paved surfaces to the 2022 World of Asphalt Show and Conference March 29-31 in Nashville, TN.


Now in its 20th year, World of Asphalt is the leading trade show and conference for the aggregate, asphalt, pavement maintenance, and traffic safety industry sectors. Simpson Strong-Tie will introduce Carbophalt® and Glasphalt® grid reinforcements to the US market at Booth #3069 and discuss how application of asphalt reinforcement technologies can improve the sustainability, longevity, and resiliency of asphalt paved road surfaces in the US.


Klavs Olsen, Head Engineer of European Pavement for Simpson Strong-Tie company S&P, has been closely involved with research, product design and field installation of pavement reinforcement solutions for two decades. Now in support of the US launch of Carbophalt® and Glasphalt®, Klavs is leading an extensive research program conducted with the Advanced Pavement Research Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.


“Simpson Strong-Tie Carbophalt and Glasphalt grid reinforcements are being subjected to rigorous testing to show how these products reduce fatigue damages in pavement caused by heavy traffic, weather, and structural deterioration,” says Olsen. “Adoption of these proven technologies can significantly increase the safety and service life of pavements while mitigating the need for costly, time-consuming traffic delays due to road repairs.”

More than 173,000 miles of US highways and major roads and an additional 45,000 bridges are currently in poor condition. As Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds are deployed to help bring American roadways into the 21st century, additional roadbed technologies are likely to be introduced, including high adhesion surfaces, sound proofing, and sensors for self-driving vehicles, and systems for improved safety in extreme weather conditions. Carbophalt and Glasphalt grid technologies provide a new category of asphalt reinforcements designed to improve the sustainability, longevity, and resiliency of asphalt-paved road surfaces in the US as these new roadbed innovations are deployed.
“Simpson Strong-Tie is excited to apply our reputation for extensive testing and research and development to the asphalt industry with the introduction of these innovative reinforcement grid technologies to the US market,” says Simpson Strong-Tie market segment manager Corey Clark. “The Carbophalt and Glasphalt solutions will provide new levels of durability and safety to asphalt by preventing premature deterioration of roads due to traffic and climate extremes.”
Using the Pavement Testing Machine (PTM) at the Advanced Pavement Research Center, Simpson Strong-Tie and the University of Texas are testing Carbophalt® and Glasphalt® reinforcement grids to simulate the high-traffic areas where roadbed durability concerns most often lead to safety hazards.
For more information on Carbophalt® and Glasphalt® asphalt reinforcement grids from Simpson Strong-Tie please visit strongtie.com/products/rps.