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PERI Delivers Formwork & Scaffolding Solutions for Boston’s Seaport Square

PERI Delivers Formwork & Scaffolding Solutions for Boston’s Seaport Square

Maximizing the Impact

After a decade of development, Boston’s Seaport district is becoming one of the liveliest, up-and-coming neighborhoods with residential, hotel, office, retail, entertainment, civic, and cultural investments.  

Boston’s Seaport Square is part of a long-term development to bring connectivity to Boston’s vibrant Seaport District. The Seaport Square project spans 33 acres across 20 city blocks and is major economical investment, bringing several thousand jobs to the area. The development’s design features outdoor terraces, shops, and cafes, continuously drawing in visitors to the area. 

Located in Boston’s Seaport Square is a key component of the upgrade, 111 Harbor Way. The 525,000-square foot, 17-story building features two floors of restaurant and retail space and 15 stories of office space, occupied by Amazon’s Boston Tech Hub. The new structure also includes two levels of below-grade parking and outdoor terraces.

Due to the fast-tracked construction schedule on a tight space in downtown Boston, the large-scale project required formwork and scaffolding that could be delivered pre-assembled and put into use quickly. 

PERI USA was selected to be the singular supplier for formwork solutions, delivering large quantities of formwork, scaffolding, and climbing systems.

High Efficiency, Fast-Paced

PERI Maximo Wall Formwork was selected for the core starter walls for the first two concrete pours. MAXIMO is significantly faster than conventional panel. Due to the innovative tie technology and optimized number of tie points, MAXIMO accelerates formwork operations with one-sided tie installation and optimized tie points to reduce working time by 50 percent.

SKYDECK Panelized Slab Formwork was specified for the core slabs as well as the two levels of the parking garage. SKYDECK provides a systematic assembly sequence, and lightweight system components accelerate working operation to maintain high safety standards. The early striking with the drophead system reduces on-site material requirements. 

ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing System was used along with VARIO GT Column Formwork for the core climbing system. ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing System features a high-capacity single stroke cylinder that climbs to the next level in only 20 minutes. With less brackets, anchors, and overall parts, faster cycling times are possible with less labor. 

“The fact that they needed a large amount of shoring and SKYDECK is the fastest way to achieve that gave PERI an advantage,” said Marc Depalma, sales engineer at PERI USA. “The project team was able to go with a singular system for all, and we’re able to achieve a 3-day cycle for each layer of the pour.”

PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding was specified for the stair towers and small one-off uses around the building. PERI UP can be quickly and safely mounted with a gravity lock and self-locking decks to provide safe working conditions.

Working platforms are completely covered without any gaps, and simple conversions are made to accommodate any obstructions. Additionally, installation adaptability allowed the product to suit the project-specific needs around the building, delivering maximum performance.

Seeing Seaport Square 

Construction on the Seaport Block L4 began in July 2022, with the concrete pour being completed in December 2022. Construction was completed in July 2023.