MINNEAPOLIS — In order to help solve the world’s clean water crisis, Pentair Inc. and its foundation are nearing completion of a multi-year, $4.7 million Project Safewater research program. The goal is to demonstrate that people in developing countries can be provided access to sustainable sources of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities quickly and cost effectively.

“The world’s population faces an increasing lack of access to safe drinking water,” said Susan Carter, manager, Pentair Foundation. “Our hope is that we can scientifically demonstrate that the clean water crisis can be addressed in an affordable and sustainable manner.”

Project Safewater is being conducted in Colon, Honduras, where most of the region’s approximately 400,000 people have lived without clean water and proper sanitation facilities. Pentair has partnered with the non-profit Water Missions International to bring water treatment and sanitation to those who need it.

To date, Pentair’s Project Safewater has installed over 200 water-treatment systems and nearly 10,000 individual sanitation facilities throughout Colon. Community education programs help ensure that families understand the importance of safe, clean drinking water, and the connection between good hygiene practices and good health.

Scientific data on the health impact and overall effectiveness of Project Safewater has begun to be gathered, in cooperation with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Honduran Department of Health. The initial results appear promising, although further data continues to be gathered. Pentair anticipates completing its Project Safewater initiative in late 2010.

For more information on the foundation or about Pentair Inc., please visit www.pentair.com/About-Us/The-Pentair-Foundation.aspx, or www.pentair.com, respectively.