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PelicanCorp Announces Integration With the Spatial Distillery Co.

PelicanCorp Announces Integration With the Spatial Distillery Co.

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Interoperability Boosts the Quality of Spatial, Location and Underground Infrastructure Data

IRVINE, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PelicanCorp Inc., the global leader in underground assets damage prevention solutions, announces the integration of its solutions with the SmartInventory Fibre platform from The Spatial Distillery Co. to form the most comprehensive asset location and damage prevention services in the world.

PelicanCorp has a 40+ year history in providing software and services to utilities, asset owners and the global Before You Dig/One Call industry. With an expansive network of partners and an active global customer base, PelicanCorp is always on the lookout for methods to increase awareness, improve information exchange, and assist with re-engineering processes. PelicanCorp’s mission is to be the global leader in providing and delivering solutions and services that assist organizations in the protection of essential infrastructure and business continuity.

“With the huge growth in the number and amount of fibre we are seeing in Australia and New Zealand, it’s great to be working with Spatial Distillery to ensure our technology platforms can support the needs of the market,” said Nick Holly, Sales Director-APAC, PelicanCorp. “The ever-increasing dependency consumers and businesses have on these networks demand accurate records are built and maintained. This information must be able to be easily shared to ensure ongoing operations and data integrity. This is where our solutions combine to provide a turn-key approach to network management and protection.”

“Our SmartInventory Platform provides the latest cloud-based Physical Network Inventory solution to Australian fibre operators, making it faster and easier to plan, design & manage their fibre networks. Integration with PelicanCorp’s asset protection platform ensures that our customers can quickly respond to DBYD requests, helping protect their assets,” said Nigel Lester, CEO, The Spatial Distillery Co. “PelicanCorp and The Spatial Distillery Co. working together help save time and streamline operations for our customers.”

The Spatial Distillery Co. has 25+ years’ experience in providing high-quality spatial data and location intelligence solutions along with expert advice and outstanding customer service. Located in Melbourne, Australia, Spatial Distillery specializes in GIS solutions for the Telecommunications & Public Sector.

To learn more about PelicanCorp, visit PelicanCorp.com.

To learn more about The Spatial Distillery Co., visit The Spatial Distillery Co. website.