DALLAS — PBS&J was selected to provide architectural and engineering consulting services at Dallas Love Field Airport to assist the city of Dallas and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) in plans to increase the airport’s efficiency and capacity.

Due to the repeal of the Wright Amendment and decreased flight restrictions, Love Field expects an increase in flight traffic over the next few years. Because of this, the city of Dallas and the DPWT are looking to increase the airport’s efficiency, making changes to significantly increase the airport’s ability to meet the demand.

PBS&J, a national engineering and construction management firm, will help reconstruct and extend Taxiway M, an existing taxiway currently not in use. The length of the final taxiway will measure 6,300 feet — more than twice its original size — and will connect to a nearby existing runway to serve as a queue for flights awaiting departure, as well as those arriving and taxiing to the terminal gates.

The Dallas City Council approved the project on June 23, and PBS&J will complete a 6-month design process before construction begins.