PBS&J formed a new service line, the Applied Technologies Group (ATG), designed to align with the technological needs of its clients and the engineering marketplace. This service will apply existing and emerging technologies to advance best practices and automate decision and management tools for a diverse customer base.

"This new service provides hands-on, local application of technology and allows us to leverage all of our many technical capabilities to better meet the needs of our federal, state, and local clients," said R. Scott Lawson, Ph.D., who will lead the ATG service.

ATG will provide services and solutions related to business processes, geographic information systems, mobile data collection and applications, wireless technologies, application development, land and high-definition surveying, risk modeling and consulting, emergency management, and disaster response.

PBS&J’s ATG is currently leveraging existing capabilities for public health and safety. For example, as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Individual Assistance –Technical Assistance Contractor (IATAC), ATG brought together a multi-disciplined team to design, construct, and install manufactured homes in Rincon, N.M., for disaster victims left homeless after a July 2006 flood. According to PBS&J, the latest computer technologies for design, survey, and overall data management and reporting enabled ATG to streamline and administer response services effectively within this remote town.

According to PBS&J President Todd Kenner, the ATG is the direct outgrowth of the company’s desire to meet the needs of its strategic clients and markets. "We want to make sure that our clients can benefit from everything that the application of technology can offer," he said, "as well as from the synergies that exist between individual technologies. We believe that this move will allow us to accomplish that."