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Simpson Strong-Tie and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES Form Strategic Alliance

Simpson Strong-Tie and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES Form Strategic Alliance

Pleasanton, Calif.; Columbia, Md. — Simpson Strong-Tie, a leading provider of tested, code-listed, high-performance products and technical services for construction industry professionals, and Structural Technologies, a renowned provider of state-of-the-art infrastructure strengthening solutions and engineering support services, announced an agreement to form an exclusive strategic alliance within North America.

This new alliance enables both companies to jointly deliver complete end-to-end strengthening solutions to engineering professionals, contractors and owners across multiple construction and repair markets, comprising the best products, installation and support available.

“With our shared foundational values, close cultural alignment and complementary areas of industry-leading expertise, Structural Technologies and Simpson Strong-Tie are uniquely positioned to offer an integrated scope of knowledge and solutions for concrete and masonry strengthening and repair,” said Ryan Kaelin, Vice President, Concrete Construction Products, Simpson Strong-Tie. “Together we will provide a unified focus that ultimately better serves the needs of our customers.”

Simpson Strong-Tie brings decades of innovative engineer-supported products, advanced testing capabilities, relentless customer service and dedicated field-engineering support to the alliance — while Structural Technologies offers deep industry knowledge, technical and design support services, along with construction implementation expertise through its licensed installers.

“By leveraging each other’s strengths,” said Peter Emmons, CEO of Structural Technologies, “we will deliver a streamlined, one-stop shop of high-quality products, expert turnkey installation and reliable field support that makes it efficient and easy for owners to ensure their structures are stronger, safer and long-lasting.”

This agreement is not in any way a merger or acquisition; both companies will continue to operate independently as normal.

To learn more about the alliance, visit Simpson Strong-Tie at strongtie.com/alliance, or Structural Technologies at structuraltechnologies.com/alliance.