SAN ANTONIO, TEXASSolidia Technologies™, a provider of decarbonization technologies and sustainable, high-performance building material solutions, has formed a mutually beneficial partnership with equipment supplier Pathfinder Systems for Solidia’s new dry-cast concrete production facility currently under construction at Alamo Junction in Elmendorf, Texas. This pairing of industry leaders goes far beyond just equipment supply and installation by providing a unique training and process innovation opportunity for the next generation of manufacturers and equipment operators.

Pathfinder is the exclusive U.S. representative for Tiger Machine, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of concrete products equipment. Pathfinder will outfit the plant with a customized solution for Solidia’s low-carbon, high-strength pavers and concrete products, including the concrete products machine and material handling equipment.

In addition to producing Solidia Technologies’ products for the construction industry, the collaboration will provide a hands-on, real-world showcase of and training center for Pathfinder’s and Tiger’s equipment technologies and help advance working knowledge of high-tech material production.

“Solidia’s commitment to innovation in both product development and execution aligns perfectly with Pathfinder’s own forward-thinking approach to service, customization, and quality, providing a tremendous opportunity for both parties to advance the field of concrete product manufacturing,” said Larry Hilldore, President of Pathfinder Systems. “This is a true partnership between manufacturer and equipment provider that will benefit the entire manufacturing landscape, making these technologies accessible to other forward-thinkers to help lead the industry into the future.”

Working with Pathfinder and Tiger Machine will also help Solidia ensure superior service and flexibility for its customers while continuing to help lower the built environment’s carbon footprint.

“The Alamo Junction plant will be a world-class facility in every way possible—not only because of our groundbreaking low-carbon manufacturing solutions but through the use of advanced production technology and collaborative partnerships with like-minded industry leaders like Pathfinder and Tiger Machine,” said Brian Below, Chief Operating Officer for Solidia Technologies. “The plant will provide a unique training ground for equipment operators and industry stakeholders to experience the latest manufacturing developments up close and personal.” For more information, visit