Pasadena, Calif. — The Sir Ambrose Shea Lift Bridge replacement — designed by Parsons — received the 2017 Transportation Award of Merit from the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO). As sole prime consultant, Parsons also provided project management and engineering services during construction.

“Parsons’ project management team is well experienced in movable bridges,” said Mike Johnson, Parsons Group President. “Continuous collaboration and coordination among the multiple disciplines of structural, electrical, mechanical, architectural, HVAC, and geotechnical services ensured efficient delivery of this complex project — on time and within budget.”

Located on the Avalon Peninsula in the town of Placentia, NL, the Sir Ambrose Shea Lift Bridge provides a vital connection for local communities while supporting the region’s commercial fishing industry. The bridge is raised approximately 2,400 times annually and is one of the few vertical lift bridges in Canada.

Parsons’ design and detailing of the bridge provided for construction of the substructure, approach spans, and lift-span towers without encroaching on the navigation channel. Disruption of boat navigation through the narrow waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the inner harbor was limited to a few days during construction of the lift span and commissioning of the new bridge.

Opened to traffic on September 23, 2016, the new bridge features two vehicle lanes on each side, as well as pedestrian sidewalks, and carries power and communication utilities. Parsons’ design blended functionality with aesthetics, ensuring safe harbor for the commercial fishing industry while visibly celebrating the region’s nautical culture and enhancing the town’s tourism potential. The Sir Ambrose Shea Lift Bridge also received a 2016 Design Award of Excellence from the Quebec Region of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.