Pasadena, Calif. — The Florida Department of Transportation, District 5 (FDOT District 5) selected Parsons to perform an interchange analysis for the conceptual layout and ultimate reconfiguration of the I-95 Interchange with LPGA Boulevard in Volusia County, Fla. Upon completion of the analysis and selection of the interchange configuration, Parsons will also perform final design services.

“Parsons is honored to continue working with the Florida Department of Transportation to improve mobility throughout the state” said Michael Johnson, Parsons Group President. “Together with our customers, we work to improve infrastructure today that meets the needs of the future. This project will be a win for residents and visitors alike.”

Traffic and congestion are expected to rapidly increase due to the rise in residential and commercial development in the Daytona Beach area. The I-95/LGPA Boulevard interchange is a crucial access point during morning and evening rush-hour traffic. The proposed interchange reconfiguration will improve traffic conditions by reconfiguring the interchange to support the projected traffic through the 2040 design year. Staged construction with interim improvements will be considered to address immediate safety and operational issues associated with the current interchange configuration.

The Parsons team will analyze traffic patterns, propose conceptual interchange modifications, and facilitate collaboration with area planning organizations/local governments to alleviate traffic queues, increase driver safety, and improve the overall traffic flow. After FDOT District 5 approves the interchange concept, Parsons will prepare an interchange modification report and develop engineering plans for construction.