Pasadena, Calif. — Parsons Corporation has obtained a U.S. patent for an environmental remediation technology. The technology, known as NAPL-Away (U.S. Patent 8,679,340), was developed to progress the remediation of LNAPL (light, non-aqueous phase liquids) by way of enhanced natural anaerobic biodegradation. LNAPL is often a continued source of contamination in subsurface soil and to groundwater at petroleum sites, and recovery or treatment via traditional remediation technologies is expensive and inefficient. 

“This new patent adds to Parsons’ intellectual property portfolio,” said Virginia Grebbien, Parsons Group President. “For 70 years, we have been providing value to our customers by reducing costs as we improve sustainability. Our forward-thinking and cutting-edge technological solutions allow our customers to deliver a clean, livable environment.”

Parsons’ patented process promotes the sustainable and natural biodegradation of LNAPL through the addition of nutritional supplements and other means. NAPL-Away can be implemented on a large scale, using low-cost application techniques, to reduce the overall time required for monitored natural attenuation.