Norcross, Ga. — Leica Geosystems’ BIM Business Manager Cathi Hayes has been selected as a speaker and moderator for a panel discussion at the 5th annual Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference in June. Addressing the panel topic, “Women’s Advancement Across Industries: How Construction Stacks Up,” Hayes and other prominent thought leaders in various roles will identify key practices that help women successfully embrace the dynamics of the construction industry and will share proven techniques for attracting, training and retaining women leaders.

An architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and strategy leader, Hayes has been involved in the construction industry her entire career. With a current focus on helping building contractors identify and implement solutions to BIM workflow challenges, Hayes is a leading voice on BIM throughout the North American construction industry.

Other speakers on the panel will include Anna Beninger, senior research associate for the nonprofit research organization Catalyst; Deborah M. DeBernard, vice president and general manager for contract documents for the American Institute of Architects; and Gretchen Gagel, president of the management consulting firm Continuum Advisory Group.

“Women are increasingly pursuing careers in the construction industry,” said Hayes. “Although some challenges remain, the situation is much different than it was 20 years ago, when it was almost taboo for women to work in this field. Companies now have access to an expanded talent pool and benefit from a more diverse workplace, while women have more opportunities to hold leadership roles in recognized firms. I’m honored to be able to serve on the panel with this esteemed group of women and share my own experiences to help others on their journey.”

The Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference will be held June 12 at the McGraw Hill Financial Global Headquarters in New York City. With the theme “Personal Career Strategies to Advance Your Professional Path," the conference will explore the challenges women face in construction, investigate tactics for overcoming stereotypes in the workplace, highlight opportunities for professional growth, and celebrate the groundbreaking executives that continue to pave the way for women in the construction industry.

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