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Overcome anchor design challenges with PROFIS Engineering Suite

Overcome anchor design challenges with PROFIS Engineering Suite

Say hello to PROFIS Engineering Suite, a new cloud-based fixture design software changing the game for the engineering/construction industry.

Join us to learn how PROFIS Engineering Suite enables automatic and advanced calculating, easy specifying and integrated BIM modeling – increasing productivity and improving value.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can reduce connection design time, mitigate risk, increase efficiency and meet all your project requirements.

Join Hilti along with Thornton Tomasetti to learn how PROFIS Engineering Suite:
• Increases the speed and quality of connection design
• Simplifies the design workflow, so you can focus more on engineering
• Provides the most comprehensive anchor design available including load engine, masonry, base plate and concrete over metal deck capabilities


Upon completing this program, participants should be able to:

  • Identify advancements in anchor design software
  • Understand the difference between base plate analysis methods and appropriate applications of each
  • Summarize the design checks required for code-compliant anchorage in a variety of base materials
  • Perform fixture design calculations using design software in an accurate and productive manner
  • Simplify design workflow by implementing software in common fixture applications

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