The current Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement could be replaced with a version that takes advantage of advanced technologies and electrification.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is working on a $1 million Office of Naval Research (ONR) contract to research the Next Generation Medium Tactical Truck (NG-MTT) for the United States Marine Corps. CTC is the prime contractor and has partnered with subcontractors Mack Defense, BAE Systems, and MSI Defense. CTC, along with our partners, is performing technology surveys, conducting technology trades, performing performance analysis, and delivering conceptual Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models to ONR.

The Marine Corps is considering a possible replacement for the currently fielded Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR), a ground transport logistics vehicle that the Marine Corps considers its “workhorse.” It performs vital logistical functions between its light and heavy vehicle fleet.

“This work aligns with CTC’s mission to provide our Department of Defense clients with advanced technologies to meet their needs; in this case, to bring vision to next generation platforms,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO.

The NG-MTT will leverage new designs and concepts considering advanced technologies and approaches. Some capabilities anticipated include a smaller and lighter platform, hybrid electric drive, an open systems architecture for future upgrades, and others.

“CTC brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to this project, including our work with hybrid electric vehicles and energy storage, lightweighting, and survivability technologies,” said Dan Markiewicz, CTC Senior Director and Program Manager for this effort.