RESTON, VA. — Have you ever dropped a stick into a river and wondered where it might go if it floated all the way downstream? Now you can trace its journey using Streamer, a new on-line service from the National Atlas of the United States. Streamer is an online map service that lets anyone trace downstream along America’s major rivers and streams simply by picking a point on a stream. Streamer will map the route the stream follows. Users can also trace upstream using Streamer.

With Streamer users can also:
•locate an area of interest by specifying stream or place names; by entering latitude and longitude coordinates,
•enter the identification number for a U.S. Geological Survey streamflow gaging station,
•find out the names of streams and waterbodies by clicking on them,
•print maps of downstream and upstream traces,
•create concise or detailed reports for upstream and downstream traces,
•learn about current or historic streamflow at thousands of locations along America’s streams, and
•find out about the places that a stream trace passes through with just a few mouse clicks.

Streamer is fueled by digital hydrographic data for America at 1 million-scale (an inch is approximately 15.8 miles on the land surface). These streams and water bodies are generalized from the highly detailed National Hydrography Dataset from The National Map

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