LITTLETON, Colo. – Oldcastle Precast and Oldcastle Architectural announce the U.S. launch of their new low impact development (LID) stormwater management system, PermeCapture™, an all-inclusive stormwater run-off control system that manages water volume in addition to protecting water quality by providing integrated pretreatment. PermeCapture combines the advantages and versatility of structural precast concrete modules (vaults) with the aesthetics and performance of permeable interlocking concrete pavers to provide a stand- alone, low maintenance, LID green solution for stormwater retention, detention, reuse, ground water recharge and flood management.

The success of PermaCapture begins with the permeable paver system. Due to the highly permeable aggregates that surround the specially designed concrete pavers, large volumes of storm water originating on the permeable paver area, or running on from adjacent impervious surfaces (e.g. roofs), are infiltrated into the underlying aggregate base and ultimately drain to the Storm CaptureTM modules (vaults). Not only is surface water flow virtually eliminated, but the paver system also provides initial water quality treatment through filtration; total suspended solids and metals are captured in the joint material, which can in time be vacuumed out as part of the regular maintenance program.

A major component of the PermeCapture system is the Storm Capture module with Permeable Lid – which features unique HydraPorts. After infiltration through the permeable pavers, the stormwater flows through the Hydraports and collects in the Storm Capture modules for controlled management. This allows maximum runoff collection over the entire system’s footprint without the need for grated inlets. The HydraPorts and permeable base materials above are strategically sized to eliminate the need for a geotextile fabric that has the potential to clog the system. The Storm Capture modules store the water and allow for controlled infiltration into the underlying soils.

In addition, cleanout and maintenance of the stormwater system is easy through maintenance access into the below grade Storm Capture modules.

A stand-a-lone solution, suitable for a large number of engineered applications including parking lots and roadways, PermeCapture reduces or eliminates runoff, minimizes area disturbance, offers impervious cover and underground storage for filtering, treating, storing, evaporating, detaining, and exfiltrating stormwater runoff close to its source and is accepted as Best Management Practices (BMP) to control stormwater runoff.

Whether you need Infiltration/Exfiltration, Detention, Retention, Water Harvesting, Flood Management or a low impact development (LID) system, Oldcastle Precast’s expertise and comprehensive line of stormwater management technologies can help you create a solution that will fast-track your stormwater project from start to finish