Columbus, Ohio — DriveOhio, the new center for all things smart mobility in Ohio, is looking for business partners to help it advance an aggressive and unique plan to improve the collection and use of data from smart roads and smart vehicles. On Jan. 18, DriveOhio issued a request for proposals asking teams of engineering, technology and data companies to compete for a $5 million contract to develop a plan framework over the next 18 months.

“While other states are looking at small-scale pilot projects, we are thinking bigger,” said DriveOhio Executive Director Jim Barna. “We are working on a statewide system that will leverage and coordinate the technology being used in multiple smart city and roadway projects throughout the state.”

Barna said the goal is to create an environment in which innovators and manufacturers can come together to test and fine-tune their ideas and technologies for the long-term benefit of all Ohioans.

The request for proposals focuses on seven components of a comprehensive statewide framework:

  • Systems engineering analysis
  • Autonomous and connected vehicles business plan to prioritize future deployments
  • Creation of a statewide framework to guide current and future autonomous and connected vehicle deployments
  • A framework for data storage, management and security
  • Data communication planning
  • Identification of software requirements for an integrated data exchange across Ohio
  • Development of recommendations for public-private partnerships

Ohio already has six smart mobility projects underway and will continue creating a smart infrastructure using technology and data to advance the safety and reliability of Ohio’s roadway system. A comprehensive statewide framework will allow DriveOhio to focus its resources on the most beneficial investments and will ensure that connected infrastructure throughout Ohio is both interoperable and adaptable.

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