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Ohio Rail Development Commission Approves Grant to Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

Ohio Rail Development Commission Approves Grant to Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

On March 18, 2020, the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) approved a grant award in the amount of $235,225 to Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway (WLE) to rehabilitate and repair the Oneida Bridge, located at milepost 16.78 in Oneida, Ohio. The project will ensure the bridge is in safe working condition for many years to come. The bridge is integral for continued service to nearby companies such as Griffeth & Son in Carrollton, Ohio. WLE commits to maintaining the bridge in operable condition for a period of ten years after project completion.

“Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company plans on making improvements to the bridge structure in Carroll County in 2020 to handle new and existing rail business for customers in Carrollton.   The Oneida Bridge, which is over one hundred (100) years old and located on the Carrollton Branch, will be upgraded to support increased train frequency.   The company is grateful for the assistance and support from the Ohio Rail Development Commission for the project,” said Jeff Sunderland, Assistant Vice President, Business Development, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway.

Matthew Dietrich, Executive Director of the ORDC, said, “this project is another excellent example of how investments in shortline railroads in the state have positive economic impacts on the region. By improving rail infrastructure, ORDC is not only leveraging railroad investment but also improving the infrastructure needed to provide rail service to area businesses along the line. In this case, this bridge project is needed to effectively serve a new business in the area. Without our partnership with the Wheeling & Lake Erie, that investment wouldn’t be possible,” he said.

ORDC assists Ohio companies and communities in creating and retaining jobs by preserving rail service to existing shippers and providing rail service to new customers.   In addition, the ORDC funds projects to improve railroad-highway grade crossings to increase safety to the traveling public. Please remember, when around railroad tracks always expect a train.   Rail lines in Ohio are private property and trespassing is both strictly prohibited and extremely dangerous.

For additional information regarding this project or for additional information on ORDC, please contact Wende Jourdan at (614) 728-9497.