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nVent RAYCHEM brings heat tracing to Autodesk Revit

nVent RAYCHEM brings heat tracing to Autodesk Revit

Minneapolis — nVent Thermal Management launched nVent RAYCHEM Trace-It 2.0, a free app for the Autodesk Revit Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform. nVent RAYCHEM Trace-It 2.0 allows specifiers, designers, architects and engineers to seamlessly integrate pipe heat tracing systems into their BIM models, resulting in a shortened, simplified design process and valuable savings for contractors and building owners.

The new Trace-It 2.0 add-in app enables designers to easily design, calculate and specify reliable, high-quality heat tracing solutions within their BIM models. The app automatically extracts relevant information from the Autodesk Revit model, such as pipe material, sizes, lengths and thermal insulation, and provides a heat lost calculation, recommended heat tracing circuiting information, loads, and bill of materials for the heat tracing application. These BIM features help streamline and shorten the design process, resulting in reduced costs for building owners, less wasted material and more accurate estimates of costs and installation times.

Trace-It 2.0 also incorporates the improved, cloud-based TraceCalc Pro pipe design engine, which allows users to benefit from seamless automatic updates. Through TraceCalc Pro, designers can build leading nVent RAYCHEM branded products into their designs, and easily submit a request for these materials to nVent sales representatives. nVent also provides full scale Project Services capabilities to help customers optimize their heat tracing design, mitigate risk, and lower the installation and operating costs of a project.  The Trace-It 2.0 app is available to download via the Autodesk App Store.

In addition to Trace-It 2.0, nVent RAYCHEM offers an improved complete package of BIM families for a wide range of applications including Pipe Freeze Protection, Hot Water Temperature Maintenance (HWAT), Roof and Gutter De-icing, and Surface Snow Melting.  These families include various heat tracing cables, connection kits and controllers, which are now compatible with Autodesk Revit software version 2016 and later. Users can easily download product information thanks to nVent RAYCHEM’s partnership with leading portals such as BIMObject and CAD Details to host their comprehensive portfolio of heat tracing 3D models, CAD drawings and specifications.

“The new and improved Trace-It 2.0 app makes the integration of heat tracing systems into BIM projects easier than ever before, and our extensive range of BIM families allows specifiers to feel confident in designing optimized heat tracing solutions”, comments Norman Wagner, Project Services Director at nVent Thermal Management. “We have been pioneers in offering comprehensive heat tracing solutions to the BIM community and our commitment to providing dynamic tools for specifiers continues with Trace-It 2.0”.

More information is available at https://go.nvent.com/bim.html.