Hollywood, Fla. — NV5 Global, Inc. was awarded two infrastructure contracts totaling approximately $6 million in fees from public agencies in Florida and California.

In Florida, NV5 won a $4.7 million contract to provide Design and Permitting Services for the Ridge Road Extension Project in Pasco County. The project entails the design of 7.6 miles of new four-lane divided roadway that includes 19 bridges ranging in length from 130 to 980 feet. Completion of the arterial roadway extension is a top priority for Pasco County as it will provide a much needed additional evacuation route for residents living in the densely populated coastal areas on the west side of the county.

NV5 Project Manager Tom Montgomery, PE, said, “Pasco County has been fortunate not to have had a direct strike by a major hurricane for many years, and the need for another evacuation route becomes more pressing every year. The county wants to start construction of this roadway as soon as possible so they can be prepared for future evacuation needs. Our team has been serving Pasco County for nearly twenty years and we look forward to the continuation of services for this challenging project which incorporates many design features that will minimize impacts to the wetlands and wildlife within the environmental preserve and the other undeveloped areas this roadway will pass through.”

NV5 also won a $1.2 million contract to provide training and assessment services to the California Water Resources Control Board.  The state’s environmental laboratory assessors are responsible for conducting on-site visits to more than 300 environmental laboratories that analyze drinking water contaminants throughout California and the United States.

NV5 Project Manager Mitzi Miller, TNI Lead Assessor, said, “We typically serve clients in the Midwest and Southeast, but we were able to win this contract with the help of our colleagues in other service verticals who have a strong client foothold in California. Our practice has expanded due to cross-selling efforts like this.”

NV5 Chairman and CEO, Dickerson Wright, PE, said, “Both of these projects are great examples of what we mean by our company tagline: ‘delivering solutions, improving lives.’ Our multi-disciplinary capabilities make our communities safer, move the engineering industry forward through complex problem solving and new creative solutions, and, as was the case with our California win, allow us to provide our clients new services in new states. Even when our projects are outside of our environmental services vertical, we help our clients assess the environmental impact of their projects before, during, and after construction.”