Hollywood, Fla. — NV5 Global, Inc., a provider of professional and technical engineering and consulting solutions, acquired Skyscene, LLC, a provider of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight services headquartered in San Diego. NV5 anticipates that the acquisition of Skyscene will initially add $5 million to operations. The acquisition was made entirely in cash and will be immediately accretive to NV5’s earnings.

Integrating NV5’s LiDAR mapping technology with Skyscene’s UAV flight services positions NV5 as one of the leading UAV LiDAR aerial mapping service providers in the nation.  Traditionally provided with fixed wing aircraft or helicopters, the use of UAV LiDAR adds value to our clients by providing higher resolution mapping, rapid mobilization, and more cost-effective services than can be achieved using manned aerial vehicles or traditional survey methods.

“NV5 is always looking for opportunities to integrate new technologies that will add value to our clients and will differentiate us in the marketplace,” said Dickerson Wright, PE, Chairman and CEO.  “The acquisition of Skyscene is pivotal in meeting the ever-increasing demand for these services in all of our five business verticals.”

Skyscene President and CEO Matthew O’Brien said, “Skyscene and NV5 have an established working relationship in providing this leading technology to clients from Maine to Hawaii.  Our acquisition by NV5 gives us the opportunity to work in a seamless manner and create leading-edge geospatial solutions utilizing UAV LiDAR technology. We are excited to expand our services nationwide and look forward to helping NV5 become a leading geospatial solution provider using UAV technologies.”