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Norwegian Public Roads Administration Selects Trimble for Asset Lifecycle Management

Norwegian Public Roads Administration Selects Trimble for Asset Lifecycle Management

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) Operations and Maintenance has selected Trimble’s AgileAssets® infrastructure enterprise asset management software to manage, maintain and operate the country’s 10,600-km road network and associated transportation infrastructure. The selected software complements Trimble’s Quadri® software, a cloud-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration solution that NPRA already uses for construction projects. As Norway’s road network becomes increasingly complex, the powerful combination of Trimble’s Quadri and AgileAssets will enable NPRA to meet growing demands by leveraging connected data to improve performance throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from design and construction to operations and maintenance.

The E18 motorway, which covers 415 km in Norway and is a key traffic corridor in greater Oslo, is part of the NPRA-managed road network.

“Trimble has been heavily involved in the road design and construction process in Norway for years and is a trusted partner in our digital transformation,” said Bjørn Laksforsmo, division director at NPRA. “Efficiently maintaining our road network and related assets is critical for keeping our citizens safe, maximizing the benefits from our infrastructure investments and meeting the country’s evolving mobility needs. With a holistic, lifecycle view of assets and as-built data, we can more efficiently perform preventive maintenance and make better-informed decisions for all of our assets as we plan for the future.”

In addition to managing roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure, NPRA’s responsibilities include cleaning and maintaining road signs.

NPRA’s asset lifecycle management approach began with the requirement that all new projects use constructible models and a common data environment. NPRA began using Trimble’s Quadri, which provides both constructible models and an object-based common data environment, to streamline the flow of real-time data across project stakeholders. Extending that data to the maintenance and operations phase with Trimble’s AgileAssets will give NPRA a holistic view of assets and a better understanding of road objects and conditions for easier diagnosis and faster resolution of maintenance issues. The combination of Trimble’s common data environment and asset management software will also improve the usefulness and fidelity of data throughout the asset lifecycle, driving greater predictability, sustainability and lower lifetime costs, as well as informing decisions about future expansions and improvements. 

“Delivering safe, cost-effective and sustainable transportation infrastructure increasingly depends on closing the data gap between construction, maintenance and operations,” said Shelly Nooner, vice president of Innovation and Platform in Trimble’s Owner and Public Sector. “Today, design data is as important during maintenance as it is during construction. As infrastructure needs increase in size and complexity, and data continues to accumulate through an asset’s lifecycle, the ability to share, analyze and build on that data at every stage will be transformative. NPRA has been a pacesetter in digital adoption and serves as a model for other agencies looking to improve performance, cost-effectiveness and sustainability through asset lifecycle management.”

For more information about NPRA, visit: www.vegvesen.no.

The advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities of Trimble’s AgileAssets software will enable NPRA to make better-informed decisions for planning, operations and maintenance.