HUNTSVILLE, AL – North Dakota Department of Transportation recently acquired a GeoCue True View 640 3D Imaging System (3DIS®) for their UAS program. GeoCue’s True View 3D Imaging Sensors allow for both drone LIDAR and imagery to be collected in a single flight on most UAS platforms. The simultaneous data collection, bundled fusion processing software and data management package offers a fully integrated solution giving NDDOT a significant advantage over traditional LIDAR/camera systems as they can single-pass collect, process, and deliver high quality fused 3D data without leaving the True View ecosystem.

NDDOT’s UAS Program is responsible for conducting small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) surveys for the design and construction of highways and bridges, asset management and natural disaster survey/monitoring across the state. The State of North Dakota’s use of this cutting-edge technology will facilitate ongoing sUAS projects to help the department gather important analytic data.

Examples of derived products from the True View 3DIS include colorized 3D point clouds, breakline enforced 3D models, profiles, cross sections, topographic contours, volumetric analysis, classified ground models and more. These products serve as base data layers for analysis and planning.  Bordering state departments of transportation have also acquired GeoCue’s 3DIS technology, enabling easy collaboration between state departments on coordination, training, and development of best practices.

NDDOT Representative, Derek Pfeifer, Program Manager – Design Division said, “We are excited that the True View System is now part of the NDDOT UAS program and look forward to its capabilities in the very near future.”

“We are very pleased to be selected by NDDOT as their UAS drone LIDAR/Camera system supplier,” said Lewis Graham, President/CTO of GeoCue Group. “The DOTs literally keep America moving and we are honored to be an integral part of that mission.”