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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Provides Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Drive Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Provides Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Drive Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

NORD’s specialized drive solutions are designed to withstand harsh wastewater treatment environments while providing functional safety and a long service life.

NORD gear units are reliable, require little maintenance, and can stand up to tough environmental conditions of the wastewater industry.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS designs, engineers, and manufactures scalable drive solutions for all segments of the wastewater treatment industry. Their specialized solutions include corrosion protection, class IP66 or IP69K protection, overload protection, optimized sealing systems, as well as biodegradable and synthetic oil to withstand the fluctuating ambient conditions, humidity, and outdoor environments. All of NORD’s gear units are engineered for reliability, versatility, quiet operation, and long service life.

UNICASE helical inline gear units have a compact design that allows them to easily fit where installation space is limited, such as with pump applications. These gear units provide flexible configurations with closely stepped ratios, versatile foot or flange mounting, and performance value up to 215 HP. High axial and radial load capacities ensure efficient, safe operation to prevent backups and keep systems running smoothly to move wastewater from one process to the next.

CLINCHER parallel shaft gear units provide reliable operation in a compact, robust design. These gear units feature various VL bearing options such as reinforced drive shaft bearings for maximum radial and axial load capacity. Drywell options are also available and consist of an additional oil drip plate, oil leak detector or oil sensor, and a hollow shaft version with a shrink disc. With 15 case sizes ranging from 0.16 – 200 HP and torque ratings up to 680,000 lb-in, CLINCHERs are equipped to handle a wide range of wastewater applications.

For grit collectors, screening, and clarification systems, NORD’s helical bevel gear units are an ideal choice. These units are available with foot, flange, or shaft mounting and feature various shaft options – making them adaptable to a wide variety of applications and environments. They also feature infinite life gearing, high axial and radial load capacity, minimum backlash, and heavy-duty bearings. Available in 11 case sizes, NORD’s helical bevel gear units offer torque of up to 442,500 lb-in and ratios of 8:04:1 – 13,432.68:1.

NORD’s solutions for heavy duty applications such as surface aerators, sedimentation tanks, sludge thickeners, and agitators include MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units. These drives are designed to handle the toughest loads and produce up to 2,495,900 lb-in of torque. They effectively withstand extreme environments, fluctuating ambient conditions, and an optimized temperature management system that cools the system, increasing the life of lubricants.

Variable frequency drives play an important role in many wastewater treatment systems from optimizing the speed of paddles on sludge thickening machines to controlling water flow through various pumps throughout the system. The NORDAC® FLEX variable frequency drive is NORD’s most flexible VFD with fully scalable functions customizable to fit precise application needs. They feature integrated POSICON positioning control, an integrated PLC, and easy parameter transfer vie EEPROM memory. An intelligent energy saving function provides optimal operation under partial load or low speeds which lowers the total cost of ownership.

Whether for screening systems, screw conveyors, surface aerators, or sedimentation tanks, NORD provides tailored solutions that are energy-efficient, intelligent, and robust. Learn more about NORD’s wastewater industry solutions at www.nord.com.