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Noise simulation software experts, SoundPLAN, present cutting-edge developments for indoor noise and room acoustic calculations at INTER-NOISE 2021

Noise simulation software experts, SoundPLAN, present cutting-edge developments for indoor noise and room acoustic calculations at INTER-NOISE 2021

SoundPLAN, the leading international developer of noise simulation software, is exhibiting and presenting its latest research and developments for indoor noise analysis and room acoustics at INTER-NOISE 2021. The international noise control engineering expo takes place online from 1-5 August.

SoundPLAN expert, Dr. Thomas Judd, will give a talk about noise and acoustic calculations in complicated room designs. The presentation, on 5 August at 6.40am (Washington, DC, USA time)/12.40pm (time in Germany), will cover methods to assist with analysis, in the context of the sound particle diffraction model.

Modern architecture is based upon new and innovative technologies and is characterized by
exposed concrete, glass facades, and open room concepts. However, such designs present
challenges for achieving good acoustics and failure to address this can result in annoyance, stress, and poor work performance. SoundPLAN’s indoor module is a powerful tool for dealing with these issues and the team constantly strives to make even the most complicated situations work easier and faster for users.

This 50th congress is organized by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA (INCE-USA) and Pro Acustica (Brazil) on behalf of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering. INTER-NOISE typically attracts 1000 attendees globally, who are engineers, consultants, educators, researchers, software users and students in noise and vibration control and acoustics.

Jochen Schaal, managing director of SoundPLAN said: “We’re pleased to be presenting our latest developments at this fiftieth INTER-NOISE, which looks ahead to the next half century of noise control.

“Over the last twelve months we’ve focused attention on handling complicated noise situations and producing results with greater efficiency. Taking the examples of an open-plan office with innovative architecture and a large cathedral, we’ve explored optimizations for the algorithms, and the question of how much detail you need to model to get sensible results. For instance, do you need to model the chairs when doing room acoustics? All will be revealed in our presentation.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to chat with the SoundPLAN team or arrange an appointment via its virtual exhibition booth. Various members of the team, including Jochen Schaal; SoundPLAN’s USA distributor, Navcon; SoundPLAN Latin America and Asia will be available via its stand throughout the show.

Enhanced room acoustics module
SoundPLAN recently extended its world-leading noise mapping software, SoundPLANnoise, with an enhanced room acoustics module. The tool has incorporated noise calculations for indoor environments for many years, but this update takes calculating sophisticated acoustic scenarios with arbitrary geometries to another level – even in complex situations. The module is designed for application in the fields of occupational health and safety and room acoustics, and supports engineers, architects, and planners in the design process.

In addition to improving room acoustics and reducing workplace noise, SoundPLAN’s software is used in urban planning and for creating noise action plans. It informs infrastructure projects, including road, railways, airports, stadiums, and industrial sites. For example, it has been used to create noise maps for railway lines across Germany.